Rings is part of the famous series bringing together all kinds of characters exposed to a deadly tape. The general idea in all the series is fairly simple – if someone watches that tape, they only have a limited amount of time until they die. No one believes it until things actually start happening and the truth is they are not pleasant at all.

Introduction to the series

It all started in 2002, with The Ring. It was an instant hit that made history all over the world and quickly became one of the scariest movies ever made. Other parts followed and the story became even scarier and more interesting. With Rings, it hit a maximum level of creepiness and horror – definitely worth a watch.

The Plot in Rings

Rings mostly floats around a young woman played by Matilda Lutz. Her boyfriend (Alex Roe) is attracted by a subculture myth regarding a mysterious tape. Apparently, whoever watched it only had seven days before getting killed. In the attempt to save her boyfriend, she sacrifices herself, yet she discovers something that no one has ever noticed before – a movie inside the actual movie.

Who Rings is for

Rings is a general audience film – recommended to those over 15. It is excellent for horror fans, as well as people who simply love a good movie. While you can catch up with the rest without watching the first parts, they do help building the tension.