About The Ring

Rings goes on with the classic story – a cursed tape who kills whoever watches it. There are eight movies in the series so far, as well as a few television shows, six manga shows and five remakes. It also has one crossover. Each one of them is based on the novel series with the same time. The new movie aims to take the story even further.

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Main Cast

Meet the stars of the movie

alex roe

Alex Roe

as Holt

johnny galecki

Johnny Galecki

as Gabriel


Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz

as Julia

Vincent D'Onofrio

Vincent D’Onofrio

as Burke

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Do you have what it takes to watch the trailer? A creepy introduction to one of the scariest movies ever made – Rings!

Movie Reviews

what our movie-goers said about the movie:

Carter Smithy

I am not a horror person, but this movie got me hooked in big time. I would not call it a horror movie (yet some scenes are beyond horror), but a suspense movie. From the first minute to the last one you are wired, with your heart ready to jump.

JC Malone
Tattoo artist

Rings is not the average horror movie. It is not a blockbuster winning awards because of its cast, just like it is not a low budget movie with an amazing storyline either. It is somewhere about it. All I can say it – go watch it! It is worth it.

Johnny Balloo

I think this is by far the scariest movie in the series – literally! Sure, you know what to expect and what the story revolves around, but the way it is written makes it magnificent. It can easily exceed any horror fan’s expectations.

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Some FAQs about the Keon by Kiiroo male sex toy

Keon by Kiiroo is undoubtedly one of the best male sex toys on the market. Manufactured by the sex toy industry legends, Kiiroo has come a long way to satisfy the carnal fantasies of men by developing innovative products that guarantee unmatched pleasures inside the bedroom.

And Keon sex toy is one of their most popular and successful toys that has gained a lot of compliments in recent times.

In short, Kiiroo Keon is probably the best automatic stroker for men in the industry. It delivers the most realistic stroke, unlike any of its competitors.


In this article, I have answered several FAQs that seldom pop up in different forums and blogs. Hence, you will solve all your queries in a few minutes.


How does Kiiroo Keon feel and look?

Kiiroo is known as the Prada of sex toys. With numerous luxurious and premium toys under its collection, Kiiroo brought another masterpiece; the Keon masturbator.

Even though it might look like a portable coffee maker machine, the Keon projects a premium, sleek look. But don’t let the small size fool you; the functionalities are a class apart. Crafted with ABS, PC, and Silicone with an immaculate gloss finish, it measures 220x130x146mm. I genuinely love how premium the product feels. By its looks and design, the Keon sex toy seems to be a product that will last years.


Due to its compact, ergonomic design, the Kiiroo Keon sex toy is easier to use for longer durations. It is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable items you can ever find.

So in one sentence, even though the masturbator looks bulky, it’s a convenient and well-designed product.


Is Kiiroo Keon compatible with Fleshlight sleeves?

All Fleshlight sleeves are compatible with Kiiroo Keon. The small size of the stroker might be misleading, but it accommodates the sleeves perfectly.

However, if you seek my recommendation, I’d say swap with the Fleshlight sleeve only if you want to experience something “extra”. The sleeves provided by Keon are undoubtedly the most comfortable ones you can come across.


Is it possible to customize the Kiiroo Keon Sex toy?

The Keon by Kiiroo is an entirely customizable sex toy. You can not only change the sleeves but can also decide the pace, intensity, and length of each thrust. This gives you immense control over the stimulation level you’re looking for, ensuring a memorable experience each time.


Is Kiiroo Keon compatible with lubricants?

Since the sleeve is made of silicone, I would ask you to stick to water-based lubricants. With its ergonomic design and incredible interior textures, the sleeve feels amazing when lubed up.

Some users have testified that a lubed-up Keon feels better than most sexual encounters they’ve been a part of. So it’s definitely something you should try.


What are the VR websites compatible with Kiiroo Keon?

Kiiroo has constantly been adding new platforms to its list. As of July 2022, this is the list of websites compatible with the Keon sex toy:

  • FeelMe
  • FeelXVideos
  • Naughty America
  • WankzVR
  • FeelVRPorn


Is Keon by Kiiroo noisy?

The Keon sex toy isn’t very noisy, to begin with. At lower levels, the toy is as quiet as a whisper. However, when you increase the intensity or use the higher levels, it tends to rattle and make some decent noise.

So if you’ve snooping flatmates, I’ll ask you to either use the toy in lower levels or give it a second thought.


Does size matter with the Kiiroo Keon sex toy?

Nope, Kiiroo Keon sex toys work with any penis size. The other end of the Keon is open, so your penis can exceed the total length of the fleshlight without bumping into the surface. You won’t have any problem even if you’re a massive guy.

Furthermore, the strokes can adapt to any length from 0 to 22 cm.

The Keon masturbator is the best adult toy for all men, irrespective of what size you’re blessed/cursed with.


Does it work as a blowjob sex toy?

Absolutely. Keon by Kiiroo is an automatic masturbator, so you can use it to emulate any kind of sexual experience that involves penetration. Be it anal, vaginal, or oral, you can have a toe-curling experience every time.


How long does the battery last on Keon?

According to the product specifications, Keon has a playtime of 30 min to 2 hrs, depending on usage. With moderate use, you can get full speed for half an hour or around 1h30min.

I have personally never gotten into any battery-related problem. All you’ve to do is plug in the toy for about 3-4 hours, and you’ll get a generous playtime.


After going through these FAQs, I believe you have got a clearer picture of this incredible sex toy. If you want to explore the world of teledildonics, Keon by Kiiroo at twicetonight.com is undoubtedly your best bet.


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