Reviewing Teds Woodworking: Why It Stands Out From The Crowd?

Teds Woodworking has been available on the market for quite some time and it is still the most popular program of this kind. Let’s take a closer look at review and see why it may be the best choice for you, who are looking for new woodworking-related projects. The program is developed for beginners who are looking for simple, fun and interesting ideas.

A lot of useful plans

There are over 16.000 plans or ideas if you prefer in the Teds Woodworking. At first sight, you will see that the number is much lower. However, most projects can be completed on one or two ways (some even more) which make the total outcome of 16.000 ideas. The ideas are very desirable and look suitable for all beginners and also for intermediate users.

Advanced customer support

Whenever you need help, the guys behind Teds Woodworking will be ready to assist you. They have just perfect customer support. You can contact them using various methods such as phone call, email or live chat and they will respond within 48 hours. The best part is the fact this actually works so you can get additional help at any part of a day or night. The importance of this advantage is extremely desirable by beginners who will probably encounter an issue or two while working on a new project.

Video library for additional help

If you still want to complete a task all by yourself, you will need to consider a video library that is provided to all owners of the program. What this means is that you can access to dozens or thousands of videos located online which are all related to the project you are working on. Using a video or two you can get answers to your queries and complete it without third-party help. You can use the video library whenever you like and it is completely free.

Carefully divided plans

Teds Woodworking features a lot of different plans which are properly categorized. This means that you can look, find and start on a project that is just right for you at that particular moment. Plans involve toys, furniture and a lot more. All of them are carefully categorized so you don’t have to waste the time looking for an idea you need. This is very important for newbies who are still looking for fresh ideas.


  • Appealing projects
  • Customer support
  • Video library
  • Categorization of the plans


  • Some plans are complicated
  • PDF file format without search option

The final word

Teds Woodworking is an excellent choice for all beginners and newbies who are looking for fresh ideas regarding wood-working plans. You can have a full list today and you can enjoy with simple, more complex and advanced plans and increase your skill level accordingly. Thanks to the customer support and the video library, all of these ideas can be completed by a single person so additional help isn’t required. There are no major issues with the program.


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