Improve Immunity with White Dragon Kratom

The dawn of understanding: What is the White Dragon Kratom?

What White Dragon Kratom really is? So, to get things straight, this is not a strain in itself but actually a combination of two or more strains. It is a blend of White Maeng Da and White Elephant strains, and these two are the strongest white vein strains of kratom. Let us see how these two components influence and complement each other to provide for the genesis of the White Dragon Kratom.

  • White Maeng Da: The Maeng Da is known for its contribution in the fields of energizing and rejuvenation, as it increases alertness and a sense of elation. It is also known as one of the strongest of any kratom strain and hence, the name “Maeng Da” translates roughly to “Pimp grade”.

This is such a powerful strain that can last for up to 6 hours! Maeng Da grows all across Southeast Asia, but the harvesting began originally from the fully developed kratom trees in the distant rainforests of Thailand.

  • White Elephant: The effects of this strain is a complete contrast in front of the Maeng Da as it balances it. This one provides a more soothing effect as it elevates the mood and induces a sense of calm in its recipients. The Elephant Kratom leaf requires fertile soil and hence, it is grown and harvested in the faraway exotic lands in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. This soil facilitates the plant to develop big, long and droopy leaves which resemble the ears of an elephant, hence the name “White Elephant Kratom”.

These two constituents come together and prove to form one of the most influential and artisanal kratom, the “White Dragon Kratom”.

Some native names for kratom include: –

  • Biak
  • Ketum
  • Thom
  • Kakum/kakuam
  • Thang

The bowl of results: The White Dragon effects

So, the effects of using the White Vein Dragon Kratom blend may be one, many or all of the following listed below:-

  • Sense of elation
  • Elevates motivation levels
  • Increased focus
  • Sharper alertness
  • Relieves pain
  • Higher level of tolerance and endurance
  • Surge in stamina and energy levels
  • Improved immunity
  • Revitalizes the sleep cycle
  • Has anti-bacterial, anti oxidant and anti-viral properties

The people’s voice: What do user reviews have to say?

Most of the loyal customers of White Vein Dragon have said that they are really satisfies with the outcome of this Kratom. Multiple positive reviews have put it at top of everybody’s good list. Although different customers take it for different purposes, some to feel calm after a rough day and some for that sudden burst of motivation, whatever the purpose is, the customers have one major thing to say and it is that the product works it’s wonders immediately.

Only after a few moments from taking White Dragon you can feel the change and the results show beautifully. Another main reason that has kept the customers loyal and content is that it does not have any harsh side effects, so it keeps them coming back for more.

How high is the White Dragon High?

Some research has shown that kratom can have sedative effects up to some extent if consumed in high doses. The effects of kratom have been found to be similar to that of morphine and codeine which are opioids even though kratom is technically not an opioid. The high caused by Dragon White Vein Kratom behaves like an antidepressant that has properties to deal with depression and anxiety. There is an active ingredient in kratom which comes into play and that is mitragynine which relieves pain by binding the opioid receptors in the brain.

Methods of consumption

All of these are valid techniques of consuming Dragon White Vein, but keep in mind that each method may influence the difference in the effects of the kratom and the results may vary.

  • Tablets: The Dragon White Kratom is converted into a powdered form and then compressed to form tablets.
  • Capsules: Here too, the kratom is converted into a powdered form and enclosed in a gelatinous capsule which dissolves once it’s inside the stomach.
  • Gum: The Kratom White Dragon can be infused in to gum and it will be released slowly through the process of chewing the gum
  • Tinctures: Here the kratom is dissolved into another solvent and is consumed in the form of droplets.

You have to also keep in mind the dosage. Taking a higher dosage than required will cause the product to have sedative effects.

Get your hands on it: Where to buy?

The Kratom White Vein Dragon is readily available on multiple sites online. The following is a list of some reputable sites online: –

  • BKN Kratom: This is one of the most famous and trustworthy sites online. It has received a lot of positive feedback and provide a range of payment methods.
  • Valkyrie botanicals: You can blindly rely on their high-quality products, quick response customer service and fast delivery.
  • Herbal Café Organics: This vendor has been in the supply business for over a decade and hence, can be very reliable.
  • Andromimetics: This brand provides customers with the others forms of consumption such as tablets and capsules of the highest quality.


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