Cleaning Tips For Summer 2019

As you may know, cleaning in the summer is slightly different or more advanced than cleaning in the winter. Yes, you will need more time, but there are tips that can help you in spending less time. The first and best tip is to hire a team of professionals. The best example is guys at and they will complete any task. Anyway, there are a few more tips we want to reveal.

  1. Use lemons

During the summer you consume a lot of beverages that contain lemon. The old lemons may have another purpose. Add a few drops of lemon juice to warm water and use it to clean faucets or chrome elements around your home. The juice is very powerful and it will eliminate water rings within seconds. The best part, you would throw the lemons away, so this is a money-saving tip.

  • Remove cup rings with full-fat mayonnaise

Eventually, you will have a glass surface or surface on your table with a stain from a cup. Cleaning is easier than you may believe. The best is to apply a bit of full-fat mayonnaise to the stain and leave it for one hour or even longer. After you are done, use a dry towel to remove the mayonnaise and the stain. It works well with all surfaces and it is safe to use. We all know that you already have full-fat mayonnaise in the kitchen.

  • Prolong the lifespan of your swim suite

Here is a useful trick you can use to prolong the lifespan of all swimsuits you may have. As soon as you are done with swimming and you get back home, wash the swimsuit. This is mandatory due to the fact it will remove the chlorine, sun cream, and the salt. The biggest issue is actually with the sun cream that is bad for the cloth when paired with laundry detergent. It can damage the fabric. Rinsing it in cold water can solve the issue.

  • Clean your washing machine

A washing machine through the summer can get mold at any given moment. To prevent that, add detergent and start the washing machine. It will remove dirt and mold in hours. This may sound weird, but it actually works.

  • Wipe the water in bathroom when done showering

During the summer, mold in the bathroom is the biggest issue. Here is how you can prevent it. All you need to do is to leave the window open or leave the fan working when you are done using the bathroom. It will eliminate the moisture from the air. Also, wipe the excess water when done showering and you will be mold-free. For chrome elements, you can use the first tip we gave you.


With these tips, you are ready for the summer of 2019 and the future. They are simple, effective and helpful tricks all homeowners should use. In return, you will have a clean home free of mold or other problems.


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