All About Green Malay Kratom

Kratom is a tree that grows naturally in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Its leaves have been used for medicinal purposes for a long time but lately they are also being used as a recreational drug.

Doctors believe that some chemicals in the kratom attach themselves to the same part of a nerve cell as the opioid and generate the same effect. Green Malay kratom, from Malaysia, is a classic strain of green kratom and is in fact a classic strain of Kratom. It combines the pain-relieving properties of a red strain with the energy and euphoria caused by the white strain.

Green Malay Kratom Effects and Side-Effects

The usage of Green Vein Malay Kratom may have positive and negative effects. Some of the advantages:

  • Pain relief: Green Vein Malay is used as a medication for chronic pain, especially with increase in age. Chronic pain may disrupt one’s lifestyle and to find medication to relieve one from this pain is necessary.
  • Treats osteoporosis: Osteoporosis is a condition that causes bones to weaken and maybe even crack; it may be caused by a poor diet, age or genetic conditions. In this case, treatment completely depends on medication. Green Malay helps treat osteoporosis by restoring strength and calcium.
  • Energising: Green Malay helps to energise the body by simulating it in a smooth manner.
  • Reduces back pain: Backache is a common issue that can affect simple daily activities like sitting and walking. The impairment of the vertebral column is the leading cause of back pain. Green Malay Kratom can reduce backache by energising the vertebral column. Athletes generally prefer to use Green Malay before exercising as it lightens the pressure linked with lifting weights in a natural way.
  • Treats migraines: Malay Green Vein Kratom works in a symbiotic manner in the body. It treats the cause of the migraine rather than suppressing the pain for the time-being.
  • Improves mood: Malay Green Vein contains the alkaloid which generally uplifts the mood (7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine). It also reduces stress.

Some users may experience some side-effects after using Malay Green Kratom. These effects may vary with the amount taken or with the how long the user has been using the Green Malay Vein. Some of the side-effects are:

  • Headache: This is a side-effect usually experienced after taking a large dose. This can be prevented by using a smaller dose.
  • Nausea: This is also an effect that is related to the amount of kratom taken. It can be avoided by regulating the amount.
  • Dizziness: It is sometimes experienced by people who have just begun to use Green Malay Kratom. It can also be regulated by taking smaller doses or even a different strain that does not cause dizziness.
  • Constipation: Some people who have been using Malay Green Vein for a long time may experience constipation. This can be avoided by drinking more water.
  • Excessive sweating: This is our body’s way of telling us that too much product has been used or it has been used too many times in a short period of time.

Green Malay Kratom vs White Vein Maeng Da

All kratom strains are derived from the same plant, but they become different and attain their individual characteristics during the curing process. At low doses, all kratom act as simulants, because they contain other chemicals that act before the alkaloid.

Kratom Green Vein Malay is one of the most uplifting strains of kratom. It is milder than white or red, with more balanced effects. It exhibits both sedating and simulating effects. It is a good option for people with anxiety.

At a high dose, the alkaloid in white kratom creates a rush of energy, resulting in the user feeling very alert and awake, and being highly jittery. It is not suitable for people with anxiety. It is the most potent kratom and has a mild simulant effect. It has an acquired taste and unique effects when compared to the red and green strains. It makes not only your body, but also your mind feel more capable.

How Much Green Malay Kratom Should I take?

  • Low dose (1g of leaf powder – 3g of leaf powder): This amount is perfect for first-time users who want to boost their energy levels. The effects are mostly simulating.
  • Medium dose (3g of leaf powder – 5g of leaf powder): This dosage causes a good balance of sedative and simulating effects.
  • Large dose (5g of leaf powder – 10g of leaf powder): The effects would mostly be sedative at this dosage. It is advised not to use more than 10g at a time.

The effects that a user experiences varies based on different doses, and also depending on the person using.

Green Malay Kratom User Reviews

Most users agree to the advertised effects of Kratom Green Malay. One user wrote on an anonymous review that, “Green Malay Kratom would unarguably be lain out by any of the botanists that its energy levels last for a much longer period of time when compared to the other kinds of Kratom.”

Another user stated that he used Green Malay Kratom to quit using a very harmful substance, along with other benefits such as pain relief. Users generally use it for pleasure and even as a temporary antidepressant substitute. Some even commented that it has helped in smoother bowel movements and weight loss.

To sum it up, users have very good reviews of the product. Although, it should be noted that Green Malay Kratom shouldn’t be used excessively as it may lead to addiction, among other negative effects.

Where to buy Green Malay Kratom

  • BKN Kratom: They sell the most potent, richest powder one can experience. They also ship internationally, except for prohibited places. The product may be expensive, but the smallest amount can give you the euphoria you are looking for. For US customers, they accept returns with full refund if the customer is not satisfied with the product. Return of the product is not an option for international customers, but they offer full refund if the shipment does not make it through US customs.
  • Koochi’s kratom: Finding kratom in India may not be easy, but this website makes it very simple.
  • Sun Kratom: They are Vietnam’s premier kratom supplier. They sell kratom sourced from 100% Organic Farms. They ship internationally and are one of the best international kratom vendors.


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