On Which Pickleball Racket Should A Beginner Practice?

For every sporting activity, it is very essential to buy genuine playing gears which not only enhance your performance but with which you can also learn how to play better. This is the reason why most of the ardent players of pickleball prefer to buy genuine rackets which are made up of great material. If you want to know more about genuine playing equipment then read the full article here.

Ideal traits in pickleball rackets for beginners

Paddle shape

Since you are in the learning phase then it is recommended to invest your money in rackets which are broader in shape. This will give you enough practice in hitting the ball and you will also be able to set your hand on the paddle. One should avoid making a purchase for long rackets as they don’t have enough hitting space. Paddles which have broad hitting surface around 15 inches are considered as ideal for the novice.


For a beginner, it is very essential to invest money in a racket which is little heavy as they boost your ball hitting power. Contrary to this, if a person is suffering from tennis elbow then he or she should use a mid-weight paddle for practicing. Lightweight paddles are basically meant for professionals since they know at which angle they should hit a specific ball.


Pickleball paddles which are made up of metals and synthetic materials viz. aluminum, fiberglass or polymers are considered as best. One should avoid using paddles made up of wood as they easily suffer wear and tear and are also susceptible to climatic changes. Make sure that the core of the paddle is made up of solid material since it will give you support in hitting the ball.

Paddles which are made up of Nomex are considered as ideal for impeccable balancing and they also provide great sound when the ball hits the surface. On the contrary, paddles made up of aluminum are considered a lot quieter and are ideal if you are practicing in a sports center that does not entertain loud noise during a pickleball match.

Size of the grip

Beginners should consider the size of grip in mind as it will provide them perfect aid in hitting the ball and giving their 100%. It is recommended to practice with the paddle couple of times before making your final decision. Make sure that the grip of the paddle is neither too long nor short as it may slip out of your hand while practicing and may even cause injury to your wrist. Rackets those have gel padded grips are considered more efficient in comparison to the ones which have rubber grips.


Paddles which are USAPA approved are considered of the best quality as their core is made up of blended polymer or of fiberglass which has great strength. Such paddles are ideal for beginners as they are designed with precision. These rackets also have power hit area with which you can surprise your opponent while serving the ball.


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