Living An Extravagant Life At Florence Residence

The city of Kovan has lived up to the reputation of a sleeping city. The juxtaposition of a well-developed condominium in Kovan sure stirs up sarcastic ideologies among the residents. But the truth is stranger than fiction. And when the truth is in the form of a beautiful Condominium located in 713 Hougang Avenue 2, Singapore-13, it turns to be even prettier, magical and unbelievable. The developers, Logan Properties, are one of the leading builders in Singapore. They have earned their name with remarkably beautiful and luxurious real estates. With the advent of, Florence Residence, they have added yet another feather to their cap.

Why should you prefer this condo?

A few boutique developments have often been the chartbusters in this city. Owing to the little to no amenities, these boutiques have been marketed successfully and people have loved the overall ambiance. However, at Florence Residence, you have a full host of amenities. Living here is one thing, and enjoying the amenities all by you is the icing on the cake. Also, it is situated within 1 km of the most prestigious school, Xinmin Primary School.


The transportation costs are minimized if you live here. The public transport stations Woodleigh MRT and Serangoon MRT are at a 14-minute walk from the condo. Taking an estimate, the usual distance from Florence Residence to all the important stations, namely, Little India, Raffles Place, etc. is priced below 1.5$ for an adult, 0.5$ for a kid, and nearly 1$ for a senior citizen.

Green Belt

The ensuing green belt around this condo serves as an external guardian from the facade of traffic and pollution. This greenery ensures you to breathe fresh and live fresh. The surrounding parks persuade your kids to go out and play instead of sitting at home. For adults and senior citizens, these parks open up a wide area of space to live their lives freely. Along with that, the on-campus facilities ensure a whole playground personally built for the kids and special fitness tools designed for them.

Floor Plans

The floor plan of the flats is exquisite and out for display on the official website of Florence Residence. Not only this, there is a huge range of flats to choose from. The ranges in their catalogs are from one bedroom to 5 bedroom luxury.

With a wide assortment of different types of flats customized according to your needs, Florence Residence is a personalized dreamland made just for you. The 1bhk flat is priced at only $700,000.

Upcoming Projects

This 99-years lease holding condo guarantees you a beautiful residence to live in, along with leading amenities and under-the-roof facilities like an 80 m swimming pool. However by 2029, government- announced that Cross Island Line will finally be built and soon popularity will be flowing in as if it was never deemed. This line will ease up transportation and with this condo hand-in-hand you will be living the life of your dreams.


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