Important Things You Must Do After Misplacing Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is one of the most precious things that you have. Imagining life without it, is just next to impossible. Things can become a lot stressful when you lose your phone. Along with your phone, you lose your important contacts, data, message and other valuable stuff present in it. It is very obvious to become desperate to regain access to your phone.

If you have been going through that struggling phase, then this article will help you. Here we are going to tell you about some of the important tips that you need to do when you lose it.

Text or call your phone

The first and foremost thing that has to be done in case of losing your phone is to call on your phone using a different phone. There can be chances that the person who has picked it up is genuine and is waiting for the owner to call on that phone. Do it quickly, because if your phone battery goes dead, then it will become harder for you to get hold of anyone. is a leading company that creates software that would help you locate your phone for free of cost. Their powerful software has been tested on various devices to help you detect the phone easily. 

Find out the location of your phone through GPS

You can easily find the location of your phone by the GPS system. It is very precise. With GPS satellites, the location of your phone can be found with an accuracy of ten to twenty meters. However, your smartphone should be present in the area for the GPS antenna.

This is important to get a good quality signal. If your phone is present in a locked room, then it becomes simply non-existent to GPS feature. This makes it impossible to access the location of the geolocation of the phone.

Lock your phone down

To ensure even if your phone goes in the hands of any person, he should not be able to access the sensitive and critical information present in it. One of the best things that you can do is to lock your phone remotely.

There is a utility that is available in all Android Phones wherein you need to log in to the Android Device Manager. Now sign in to “Find My iPhone account” present on another device. After this, you need to manually lock down your phone.

Keep a lock-screen message

The person who has got your phone will try to know who it belongs to. So, what you can do is to form a “lock-screen message” that shows your alternate phone number on it. Hence, the person who finds your phone can get in touch with you to give information about it.

Report about your stolen or lost phone

It is a very important thing that you need to do. Though there are ample apps available on the market to find your phone, filing a police report is essential.


If you have lost your phone, don’t panic. By performing all these important tasks, you need to use phone tracking applications that will make it a lot easy to find your lost phone.


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