Explanation Of Top Anime Genres For Every New Otaku

A lot of non-anime viewers think that anime is meant for children and adults shouldn’t be watching it. This is a common misconception that is completely untrue as anime is generally aimed at an adult audience and some are so twisted in terms of storyline that viewer discretion is advised. Anime can capture some of the best over the top actions convincingly and will allow you to get submerged into the beautiful animation and the engaging storyline. Although anime is mostly made in Japanese, you can easily find English Subbed versions of top anime series on the internet.

The following are some of the top genres of anime that are adored by the otaku community from all over the world.


This is easily the biggest fan-favorite genre of anime worldwide. Using animation allows the directors to take liberty into making anime action sequences. They can easily create some out of the world and unbelievable fight scenes for the audience. The sound effects and graphics are also very well utilized by them and the final product is just perfect in every aspect. They generally include a plethora of battle scenes, engaging storyline, sleek and aggressive animation style and a lot of other elements that will make your heart go fast. Some of the most popular examples of action anime are Full metal alchemist, darker than black, etc.


This is another popular genre among fans from around the world. In this genre, the psyche and mind play an important role as they showcase how they work. This type of anime always tackles every issue at a psychological level which is why you will find more battle of wits than of fists in this genre. The protagonist and the villain will often try to outdo one another with their mind games and intelligence and you will notice multiple traps and ingenious solutions. Some of the most popular anime from this category are death note, Mirai Nikki, etc.


The mystery is another area where anime can be better than any real-life movies. Mystery anime revolves around a central plot of some sort of crime that happens at the start of the show. These stories will make you go through the chills experienced by the detectives or the protagonists as the story progresses. They can easily portray multiple over the top scenes using animation which makes this genre believable. Some of the common examples of great mystery anime are Eden of the east, Detective Conan, etc.


You can easily say that anime is perfect to depict the fantasy world as there is no limitation when you use animation. These anime generally depict fantasy worlds full of various animals that have no existence in reality and a protagonist that will be the central focus of the series. Most of the time, a real-world person gets accidentally transferred to the fantasy world or maybe even vice-versa can happen. This type of anime has beautiful graphics and a convincing depiction of fantasy.Popular examples of this genre are slayers, No game No life, etc.


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