About The Ring

Rings goes on with the classic story – a cursed tape who kills whoever watches it. There are eight movies in the series so far, as well as a few television shows, six manga shows and five remakes. It also has one crossover. Each one of them is based on the novel series with the same time. The new movie aims to take the story even further.

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Main Cast

Meet the stars of the movie

alex roe

Alex Roe

as Holt

johnny galecki

Johnny Galecki

as Gabriel


Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz

as Julia

Vincent D'Onofrio

Vincent D’Onofrio

as Burke

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Do you have what it takes to watch the trailer? A creepy introduction to one of the scariest movies ever made – Rings!

Movie Reviews

what our movie-goers said about the movie:

Carter Smithy

I am not a horror person, but this movie got me hooked in big time. I would not call it a horror movie (yet some scenes are beyond horror), but a suspense movie. From the first minute to the last one you are wired, with your heart ready to jump.

JC Malone
Tattoo artist

Rings is not the average horror movie. It is not a blockbuster winning awards because of its cast, just like it is not a low budget movie with an amazing storyline either. It is somewhere about it. All I can say it – go watch it! It is worth it.

Johnny Balloo

I think this is by far the scariest movie in the series – literally! Sure, you know what to expect and what the story revolves around, but the way it is written makes it magnificent. It can easily exceed any horror fan’s expectations.

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