About The Ring

Rings goes on with the classic story – a cursed tape who kills whoever watches it. There are eight movies in the series so far, as well as a few television shows, six manga shows and five remakes. It also has one crossover. Each one of them is based on the novel series with the same time. The new movie aims to take the story even further.

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Main Cast

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alex roe

Alex Roe

as Holt

johnny galecki

Johnny Galecki

as Gabriel


Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz

as Julia

Vincent D'Onofrio

Vincent D’Onofrio

as Burke

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Do you have what it takes to watch the trailer? A creepy introduction to one of the scariest movies ever made – Rings!

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what our movie-goers said about the movie:

Carter Smithy

I am not a horror person, but this movie got me hooked in big time. I would not call it a horror movie (yet some scenes are beyond horror), but a suspense movie. From the first minute to the last one you are wired, with your heart ready to jump.

JC Malone
Tattoo artist

Rings is not the average horror movie. It is not a blockbuster winning awards because of its cast, just like it is not a low budget movie with an amazing storyline either. It is somewhere about it. All I can say it – go watch it! It is worth it.

Johnny Balloo

I think this is by far the scariest movie in the series – literally! Sure, you know what to expect and what the story revolves around, but the way it is written makes it magnificent. It can easily exceed any horror fan’s expectations.

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Cleaning Tips For Summer 2019

As you may know, cleaning in the summer is slightly different or more advanced than cleaning in the winter. Yes, you will need more time, but there are tips that can help you in spending less time. The first and best tip is to hire a team of professionals. The best example is guys at https://dutycleaners.ca and they will complete any task. Anyway, there are a few more tips we want to reveal.

  1. Use lemons

During the summer you consume a lot of beverages that contain lemon. The old lemons may have another purpose. Add a few drops of lemon juice to warm water and use it to clean faucets or chrome elements around your home. The juice is very powerful and it will eliminate water rings within seconds. The best part, you would throw the lemons away, so this is a money-saving tip.

  • Remove cup rings with full-fat mayonnaise

Eventually, you will have a glass surface or surface on your table with a stain from a cup. Cleaning is easier than you may believe. The best is to apply a bit of full-fat mayonnaise to the stain and leave it for one hour or even longer. After you are done, use a dry towel to remove the mayonnaise and the stain. It works well with all surfaces and it is safe to use. We all know that you already have full-fat mayonnaise in the kitchen.

  • Prolong the lifespan of your swim suite

Here is a useful trick you can use to prolong the lifespan of all swimsuits you may have. As soon as you are done with swimming and you get back home, wash the swimsuit. This is mandatory due to the fact it will remove the chlorine, sun cream, and the salt. The biggest issue is actually with the sun cream that is bad for the cloth when paired with laundry detergent. It can damage the fabric. Rinsing it in cold water can solve the issue.

  • Clean your washing machine

A washing machine through the summer can get mold at any given moment. To prevent that, add detergent and start the washing machine. It will remove dirt and mold in hours. This may sound weird, but it actually works.

  • Wipe the water in bathroom when done showering

During the summer, mold in the bathroom is the biggest issue. Here is how you can prevent it. All you need to do is to leave the window open or leave the fan working when you are done using the bathroom. It will eliminate the moisture from the air. Also, wipe the excess water when done showering and you will be mold-free. For chrome elements, you can use the first tip we gave you.


With these tips, you are ready for the summer of 2019 and the future. They are simple, effective and helpful tricks all homeowners should use. In return, you will have a clean home free of mold or other problems.

Pop-Up Canopy Tent And Frame Tent: Are They The Same?

The simplest answer we can give to you is no, they are not the same. Pop-up and frame canopy tents are very different and they are not designed for the same uses. You will need more information in order to get a much better idea and now we will discuss those differences and help you understand them.

The biggest difference

The biggest difference is in the frame. Frame models have a solid frame made of aluminum or steel and it is very strong. They are called like they are due to this difference. The frame makes them heavier and more complex to use, yet they are more durable and much stronger. A frame is essential when you need a permanent tent to use on rough weather or all kinds of weather conditions.

Pop-up modes don’t have a frame like the first kind. The frame is actually much smaller and made of thin metal or plastics. This makes them lightweight and they can be unfolded for a short period of time. The price depends on these factors as well. Models without a frame are much more affordable and considered as great value for money.

Applications are different as well

Frame models come ready to withstand all kinds of weather, as we have mentioned. This makes them the only choice if you need a tent for a long period of time or as a permanent solution. For instance, you may need a tent to promote cars you are selling. They will be outside for a long period of time, hence frame tents are the only alternative.

Pop-up models are made for outdoor usages as well, but they can’t be left unfolded for more than one day. The situation is even worse if the wind is strong. It can damage a tent and you will need to repair it or replace it. On the other hand, we have a simple advantage. If you need a tent for promotions or similar applications, you will obviously go for the pop-up model. It can be used in different locations every single day.

Installation differences

A frame canopy tent can be installed within a few hours. This is possible and acceptable if we know all what we mentioned earlier. To summarize, they are designed for longer use in a single location. They are heavy and complicated to move around.

Pop-up models can be unfolded and moved to a new location almost instantly. You will need between 5 and 10 minutes to fold and prepare it for transport. This means you can use it in another place a few times per a day.


Frame canopy tents are a more permanent solution. They can be left outdoors and they can withstand rough weather. They are heavy and more expensive. Pop-up models are more affordable and lightweight, yet they can be unfolded for a short period of time and they are excellent when you need to use them in different locations. These were the main differences.

Guide For The Size Of Your New Ductless Air Conditioner

Most people are looking for the best ductless air conditioner due to more affordable prices and the fact they save energy. However, you need to know that they come in all possible power outputs. They are expressed in BTUs and they have a massive difference. They refer to the square footage of the area a unit can cover. Before you need to choose the desired model you need to know something more about this aspect.

Between 150 and 400 square feet

These are the smallest ductless air conditioners and they cove with the most affordable process. Don’t forget that they have specific BTU capabilities. As such, if you need an air conditioner of this kind, for the area of 150-200 square feet, you will go for a model with 6.000 BTU capability. If you need to cover a larger space around 400 square feet, you will need a model with 9.000 BTUs. The areas in between need to be paired with air conditioners with 7000 or 8000 BTU power.

Between 450 and 1000 square feet

Now we are in the middle of the power range. Ductless air conditioners that can be used for an area of 450-500 square feet are rated with 10.000 BTU. Those that can cover 600 square feet are even more powerful with 12.000 BTU. The biggest difference is for models that are designed to cover areas up to 1000 square feet. They must be rated with 18.000 BTU. If you make the right decision, you will get a powerful air conditioner that can meet your requirements perfectly.

Between 1000 and 1500 square feet

Ductless air conditioners that can cover an area of up to 1100 square feet are rated at 19.000BTU. They are not the most powerful models yet but they are the next best thing. Areas that are 1500 square feet or even bigger need an air conditioner of 24000 BTU. They are even capable of being used in a larger area.

Additional factors to consider

The square footage of an area is the first factor to consider when looking for a new ductless air conditioner, but not the only one. There are a few more. The first, additional factors is the height of a ceiling. If it is above 8 feet you need to choose an air conditioner with 20% additional BTU power.

A home with a poor or without insulation needs to get 30% more powerful air conditioner due to the fact heat can escape easily and cold air will increase the temperature in less time than usual. The situation is the same for homes that are located in areas where temperatures may reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit.


These are the most important factors you need to consider when looking for a new ductless air conditioner. They can make a massive difference and they will assist you in enjoying all perks of modern air conditioner without having to pay more than you should. Of course, there are a lot of additional factors that need your consideration.

How Long You Can Ride A Hoverboard With A Single Charge?

Different hoverboards can provide different autonomy when the battery is recharged. Here we will discuss these possibilities and try to see which one is the best for you. We will also take a look at the motors they have and the top speed. All of this is crucial if you are looking for a new hoverboard or you simply want to know the specifications of your current unit.

Small hoverboards: 3 hours of battery time

 This refers to small hoverboards that have 6.5-inch wheels. They have 350watts electric motors and the battery will require 2 hours to be fully recharged. The minimum weight you need in order to use it is 20 kg, while the maximum allowed weight is 100 kg. These hoverboards have a top speed of 15 km/h.

There is no need in telling you that the models of this kind are designed for children and they are the most affordable. Visually, the major difference compared to more advanced models is in the wheels. They are obviously smaller. Other than that, they may look the same and there are no additional differences.

Bigger hoverboards: 6 hours of running time

A bigger hoverboard, the one you can see at Hoverboard UK also has 350W electric motors, 2 of them. The charging time is 2 hours as well, yet the autonomy is 6 hours. The minimum weight is also 20 kg, while the max weight load is 100 kg. Basically, they look identical with the smaller models, except the range. The reason for that is a bigger battery that can store more energy. That’s why you get better autonomy and you can ride your hoverboard for a longer period of time.

The next big difference is at the top speed. This unit will reach 18 km/h which is a decent result. All of combined makes the hoverboard ideal for advanced users who need extra range and higher top speed. Of course, they are still perfectly safe for children and they can be used indoors and outdoors. The wheels are 18 inches which make it suitable for rougher terrain. The hoverboard of this kind is more ‘’capable’’. There is no need to add the fact these models are more expensive. After all, you must pay for the higher speed and better range.

We should say something about the electric motors. All new hoverboards have brushless electric motors which can last for a long period of time and which doesn’t require maintenance. All you have to do is to step on a hoverboard and start your ride.

The final word

If you read the entire article you know that there are two, general versions of a hoverboards. They may have the same electric motors, but they have different capabilities and different ranges. Now is the time to decide which model is more suitable for you. All we know is that you will have a lot of fun regardless of which type you choose and where you want to use it.

Can You Build A Deck All By Yourself Or You Need To Hire A Team Of Professionals?

It is a well-known fact that most homeowners consider starting a home project all by themselves. Next well-known fact is that decks are more popular. This means that some of you will want to build a deck all by themselves at some point. Should you do it? We will give you a detailed answer here so you can decide by the end of the article.

You need tools and space

According to professionals, you will need a lot of tools. This refers to the circular saw, reciprocating saw, nails, hammers, levels and so much more. If you take a look at Dino Decking you can get a clear idea of why you need all of these tools. You have to create the base for a deck, then you have to cut and trim each board and to nail it to the beams.

If you have all of these tools, you can theoretically construct a deck all by yourself. If you don’t have the tools, you will need to purchase them or rent them. If you will never use them again, then this is a wrong investment.

Space is another element you need. You need to store the boards and tools and to cut. Cutting the boards inside a house isn’t very smart. You can’t leave the tools outside because the rain can damage them. A garage can meet all of these requirements but not completely.

You need skills

A deck may look like a simple process, but it is very complicated. You must level it perfectly and you must build a strong construction. If you want stairs then the entire process is even more complicated. Yes, some of you have these skills so you won’t have a hard time making your new deck.

These skills can be acquired while building a deck, but they will prolong the duration of the project. In most cases, a homeowner will need an additional 2 weeks to build a deck. If you know that a team of professionals can do it in just 2-3 days, then the decision is much easier.

The biggest problem here is the permit which h you need to get in order to build a deck. In some states and countries, a deck is tested after completion. If you build it poorly, then it will fail a test, therefore, you must repair or improve it. This is additional reasons why you may need more time and why you will need to consider hiring a team.

The final word

If you have the skills and the time, it is relatively easy to build a deck. If you don’t have either of these things, you need to hire a team. For them, this is a simple process that takes just a few days and after that, you will get a superb deck that can be approved by the local authorities and can increase the value of your house significantly.

Last Minute Travel Arrangements: Cities Of Europe That Can Be Visited At Any Given Moment

Let’s imagine a situation where you have to make the last minute travel arrangements. The best choice is to visit a city in Europe. There are available flights at any given moment, you can find accommodation and you can enjoy. A more important question is which city to visit. Here are a few cities that are cool to visit through the entire year.

  1. London

London is always on the top of a list of most guides. This city is massive and offers countless attractions you can see at Citytripinfo. Furthermore, the city offers excellent night life and has plenty of parks you can visit as well. All of this makes it an appealing place to visit and a desirable one. You won’t be bored, yet you can arrive at any given moment and you can find a hotel within minutes.

  • Bern

Bern is the capital city of Switzerland. It is relatively small, with under 150.000 residents. The best part is the old part of the city where you can find a small place with the bears inside. It isn’t a park but rather a bridge with the city began. Bears are the national symbol of Bern and the reason why it is called like this. Furthermore, you have a nice restaurant and you see old architecture all around.

  • Barcelona

For most of you, Barcelona offers the best from both worlds. You can enjoy architecture and find impressive streets, buildings and more to see. Visit Gaudí’s Parc Güell and take a few pictures. You will know why this is recommended. Once you are bored with architecture, the beach is close by so you can swim, enjoy on the beach or have a great time with water sports.

  • Santorini

It is located in Greece and it is known for Kamini Beach and Red Beach. The name of the Red Beach has been chosen due to red sand present here. The place itself is excellent for a longer vacation or just for a short weekend. There are a lot of tourist attractions and there are a lot of fun activities available.

  • Athens

Athens is located in Greece as well. The biggest advantages are old archeological locations such as Parthenon and Acropolis. If you are addicted to history, you will love these places and therefore the city. The night life is excellent as well so this may be a reason why Athens is so popular tourist destination.

The final word

Regardless of where you go, if the city is on the list you will have a great time. These cities have been the most popular last-minute travel locations millions of people visit each year. All we know is that you will have a great source of fun and you will probably want to visit one or more cities again and again. The prices are different, but all of the cities we mentioned are generally affordable.

Reviewing Teds Woodworking: Why It Stands Out From The Crowd?

Teds Woodworking has been available on the market for quite some time and it is still the most popular program of this kind. Let’s take a closer look at review and see why it may be the best choice for you, who are looking for new woodworking-related projects. The program is developed for beginners who are looking for simple, fun and interesting ideas.

A lot of useful plans

There are over 16.000 plans or ideas if you prefer in the Teds Woodworking. At first sight, you will see that the number is much lower. However, most projects can be completed on one or two ways (some even more) which make the total outcome of 16.000 ideas. The ideas are very desirable and look suitable for all beginners and also for intermediate users.

Advanced customer support

Whenever you need help, the guys behind Teds Woodworking will be ready to assist you. They have just perfect customer support. You can contact them using various methods such as phone call, email or live chat and they will respond within 48 hours. The best part is the fact this actually works so you can get additional help at any part of a day or night. The importance of this advantage is extremely desirable by beginners who will probably encounter an issue or two while working on a new project.

Video library for additional help

If you still want to complete a task all by yourself, you will need to consider a video library that is provided to all owners of the program. What this means is that you can access to dozens or thousands of videos located online which are all related to the project you are working on. Using a video or two you can get answers to your queries and complete it without third-party help. You can use the video library whenever you like and it is completely free.

Carefully divided plans

Teds Woodworking features a lot of different plans which are properly categorized. This means that you can look, find and start on a project that is just right for you at that particular moment. Plans involve toys, furniture and a lot more. All of them are carefully categorized so you don’t have to waste the time looking for an idea you need. This is very important for newbies who are still looking for fresh ideas.


  • Appealing projects
  • Customer support
  • Video library
  • Categorization of the plans


  • Some plans are complicated
  • PDF file format without search option

The final word

Teds Woodworking is an excellent choice for all beginners and newbies who are looking for fresh ideas regarding wood-working plans. You can have a full list today and you can enjoy with simple, more complex and advanced plans and increase your skill level accordingly. Thanks to the customer support and the video library, all of these ideas can be completed by a single person so additional help isn’t required. There are no major issues with the program.

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